Simplify your API with s2x (SQL to Anything) by Manuel Zahariev

Wednesday, November 16 at 3:40-4:35

One of the dominant trends in modern service-oriented architectures is the packaging of data in APIs that can be consumed or "mashed up" by a variety client applications. Compared to the machine-only interfaces of the 90s, human-readable, self-evident interfaces (JSON or XML) dominate, with HTTP[s] as the preferred transport layer. JSON is the new ODBC.

Database technology has been following this trend, Some of the most requested features in major database systems are ways to bridge the gap between data and consumers of the data. In PostgreSQL, XML and JSON are areas of high interest, with the recent addition of XML functions (9.1) and JSON functions and operators (9.2). Other databases are also alive to the challenge; Microsoft SQL Server has recently added "FOR XML". "FOR JSON" (SQL Server 2016) is the most requested feature from their user community.

More must be done! s2x ("sticks") converts SQL functions calls to a variety of formats: JSON, XML, csv, ODS (Open Document for Spreadsheets), Excel (Office Open XML). s2x is accessed over HTTP. SQL function names and parameters are passed inside HTTP requests. Multiple calls can be chained into one HTTP request to avoid database round-trips. Calculated values can be forwarded to subsequent calls in the same chain.

About the Speaker

Manuel Zahariev has spent over 20 years in the technology business, mostly in high growth environments building high performance, best-of-breed technology systems.

Manuel has a PhD (Comp. Sci.; Dean of Graduate Studies medal) from Simon Fraser University.

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 15:45