Join us on November 17th for an optional day of tutorials presented by top PostgreSQL practitioners

Out of Box Replication in PostgreSQL 9.4

Denish Patel | WithMe | Experience Level : Beginner
Most people use at least one 3rd party script/tool to manage Postgres replication for building reliable solution for mission critical Postgres databases. Postgres 9.4's new features allow users to setup replication using built in features without... Read More

The Accidental DBA

Josh Berkus | PostgreSQL Experts, Inc. | Experience Level : Beginner
So, you’ve inherited a PostgreSQL server. Congratulations? Thanks to Postgres’ popularity as the database for new applications, both open source and commercial, thousands of developers, system administrators and devops are finding themselves in... Read More

PostgreSQL Internals Through Pictures

Bruce Momjian | EnterpriseDB | Experience Level : Advanced
This talk is designed for advanced PostgreSQL users who want to know more about how the database internally processes a query. It is also ideal for people wanting to modify the PostgreSQL server source code. It covers PostgreSQL network... Read More

Real-Time Analytics with PostgreSQL

Andres Freund, Marco Slot | Citus Data | Experience Level : Intermediate
Real-time metrics, dashboards, and analytics have become commonplace. On one side, customers are using separate technology stacks to store their raw events (Hadoop), roll-up these events into aggregated values (Spark), and serve aggregated values... Read More

Logical Replication for PostgreSQL

Petr Jelinek | 2ndQuadrant | Experience Level : Advanced
Since version 9.0, the PostgreSQL community has added many features around replication, including asynchronous replication, synchronous replication, cascading replication, and fast-failover. In PostgreSQL 9.4, the ability to perform logical... Read More

Introduction to PostGIS

Daniel Caldwell | AmigoCloud | Experience Level : Beginner
Do you have some geographic data? Shapefiles? KMLs? Would you like to learn how to import the data into PostgreSQL? Come learn how to set up PostgreSQL with PostGIS, import your geospatial data, and learn how to do spatial operations to dig into... Read More