Join us November 18th for the opening keynotes from Pivotal and Citus Data

Scaling Out PostgreSQL in the Distributed Era

Umur Cubukcu | Citus Data
Keynote Recording of Umur Cubukcu of Citus Data at PGConf Silicon Valley 2015

Apache Kafka: A Commit Log for the Datacenter

Jay Kreps | Confluent
What do database logs, event data, stream processing, and Franz Kafka have to do with each other? This talk will give the answer.

PostgreSQL License, Vendor Eco-systems, Cloud Providers, and Future of RDBMS

Ivan Novick | Pivotal
Due to the liberal license of the PostgreSQL database and the history of a strong community, PostgreSQL is becoming the de-facto standard for open source relational database systems. In this session we will talk about how the permissive license has... Read More