Join us November 18th for 24 breakout sessions presented by leading PostgreSQL community members

...Lag - What's Wrong with My Slave?

Samantha Billington | Turnitin | DevOps | Experience Level : Beginner

In gotchas of streaming replication lag. Configuration, diagnosis, and personal experience in what can, and has gone wrong.

PostGIS Gotchas: the things you didn’t know that lead to confusion and dismay

Paul Ramsey | Cartodb | PostGIS | Experience Level : Intermediate

PostGIS adds spatial types to the database, so they can be used “just like any other type”. But unfortunately, spatial types aren’t quite like other types: they’re bigger, they require a lot of... Read More

Postgres at the Heart of Your Dataverse

Bruce Momjian | EnterpriseDB | Tales from the Trenches | Experience Level : Intermediate

Postgres has the unique ability to act as a powerful data aggregator in many data centers. This talk shows how Postgres's extensibility, access to foreign data sources, and ability handle NoSQL-... Read More

From Obvious to Ingenious: How to Incrementally Scale Web Applications on PostgreSQL

Konstantin Gredeskoul | Wanelo | Tales from the Trenches | Experience Level : Intermediate

In this exciting and informative talk Konstantin will cut through the theory to deliver a clear set of practical solutions for scaling applications atop PostgreSQL, eventually supporting millions... Read More

How Heroku Postgres Works

Greg Burek | Heroku | Tales from the Trenches | Experience Level : Advanced

The Heroku Postgres started out as a way to provide small but reliable Postgres databases to Ruby on Rails projects that were hosted on the Heroku platform. Now, we manage about a million... Read More

At The Heart Of A Giant: Postgres At TripAdvisor

Matthew Kelly | TripAdvisor | Tales from the Trenches | Experience Level : Intermediate

Since TripAdvisor’s early days as a scrappy start up, Postgres has been at the core of our infrastructure. We’ve grown up with Postgres from our early 7.x series single database setup, to our... Read More

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL - What's New and Lessons Learned

Grant McAlister | AWS | Tales from the Trenches | Experience Level : Intermediate

This session will provide a brief overview of the RDS service, how the service achieves durability & high availability and then do a deep dive into the new features that we have released in... Read More

Survival Guide to Terabyte PostgreSQL

Scott Milliken | MixRank | Data at Scale | Experience Level : Intermediate

Can PostgreSQL scale to "Big Data"? MixRank has taken the journey from a single database with a few 100s of GB of data to 10s of terabytes served across a cluster. There's been bumps along the... Read More

Powering Heap With PostgreSQL And CitusDB

Dan Robinson | Heap | Data at Scale | Experience Level : Beginner

At Heap, we lean on PostgreSQL for all our backend heavy lifting. We support an expressive set of queries — conversion funnels with filtering and grouping, retention analysis, and behavioral... Read More

Automating PostgreSQL Failover for High Availability

David Pacheco | Joyent | Data at Scale | Experience Level : Intermediate

Joyent's open-source Manta storage service relies heavily on a replicated, sharded metadata tier for storing the locations of all objects in the system. In designing this system, we needed a... Read More

Analyzing PostgreSQL Network Traffic with vc-pgsql-sniffer

Baron Schwartz | VividCortex | Data at Scale | Experience Level : Intermediate

vc-pgsql-sniffer is a free tool that wraps around VividCortex's TCP sniffing libraries to capture and analyze queries. TCP sniffing in production environments is a valuable technique to capture... Read More

Data of Future Past: Postgres as Distributed Online Processing Analytics Engine

Gavin McQuillan | Urban Airship | Data at Scale | Experience Level : Intermediate

Postgres has long been a great analysis tool, but as organizations seek to decentralize their data, it’s overlooked for other solutions. Maybe this doesn’t need to be the case. Using a novel... Read More

Sharding and Scaling PostgreSQL with pg_shard

Jason Petersen | Citus Data | Hacking Postgres | Experience Level : Intermediate

PostgreSQL alone is a powerful RDBMS made even greater by a strong ecosystem. So why do so many users write custom sharding logic in their applications?

To address this need, Citus Data... Read More

Using the PostgreSQL Extension Ecosystem to Perform Advanced Analytics

AJ Welch | Chartio | Hacking Postgres | Experience Level : Intermediate

Over the past decade we've seen an incredible rise in non-relational systems. Despite their original purpose of processing large amounts of unstructured data, these systems are increasingly chosen... Read More

ToroDB Internals: How to Create a NoSQL Database on Top of SQL

Alvaro Hernandez | 8Kdata | Hacking Postgres | Experience Level : Intermediate

ToroDB. New NoSQL database. Open source. Not reinventing the wheel, runs on top of PostgreSQL. MongoDB-compatible. With transactions. Does not suffer dirty-reads. With replication & sharding... Read More