PostgreSQL’s secret NoSQL superpowers by Amanda Gilmore

Wednesday November 16, 10:20-11:15


With features like foreign data wrappers, Postgres makes it easy for you to integrate rich data stores into your application architectures. Yet sometimes you only have a few rich data structures to deal with, or can’t afford the time and resource cost of running a NoSQL cluster alongside Postgres. Happily Postgres natively supports several document data formats, giving you the best of both worlds in one database. You can keep document oriented data solely within Postgres, or write a foreign table schema that’s naturally compatible with your document database.

At this talk you’ll learn how to write SQL statements to insert, edit and access document data. We will survey the various document stores which are natively supported in Postgres to better understand what are the pros and cons of each data type; you’ll come away understanding which use cases are best suited to each document store.

About the speaker

Amanda Gilmore is a Service Reliability Engineer at Heroku, and has been maintaining relational databases since 2009. Before joining Heroku, she was a senior QA engineer working with a wide range of SQL technologies, including MS-SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite. Her experience with different databases has resulted in a commitment to open software and she remains a database specialist to this day. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 12:30