Making Data Dance by Barrett Clark

Tuesday, November 15 at 4:40-5:35

Your web framework and ORM are really handy tools to get work done, and do it quickly. They aren't a silver bullet, though. Sometimes the database is the best place to run a complicated query. Especially when you have big transactional or time-series data. Postgres has some powerful functionality that can help transform data from a giant pile of stuff into something actionable and useful. I will show how to take advantage of the JSON datatype, Common Table Expression, and materialized views to build impressive data visualizations.

About the Speaker

Barrett Clark is a Rubyist turned polyglot software developer at The Container Store. He has worked extensively with mapping, geolocation, indoor location, and proximity. His recent speaking engagements include Abstractions, RailsConf, Mountain West Ruby Conference, and API World.


Monday, September 12, 2016 - 16:30