CCP: Containerized Clustered Postgres by Josh Berkus

Tuesday November 15, 3:40-4:35

Interested in clustered or sharded PostgreSQL, but daunted by challenges of testing and deployment for multiple PostgreSQL nodes?  Container infrastructure tools will make things much easier for you, and we'll show you how.

Using Kubernetes and Docker running on Atomic, we'll show how you can deploy various forms of clustered PostgreSQL for both testing and production.  We'll go over how to do this for CitusDB and Patroni, and possibly multi-master replication as well.

About the Speaker

Josh Berkus likes to combine databases and containers so that he can fill both of his roles as Project Atomic community guy at Red Hat, and member of the PostgreSQL Core Team.  One of the original founders of SFPUG, Josh now lives in Portland.



Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 12:45