Video recordings and speaker slides from the tutorials, keynotes, and breakout sessions are listed below. Check back periodically for additional slides and videos as they are added.

Follow the links below to access the videos and speaker slides for the tutorial and breakout sessions. Those talks with videos and/or speaker slides are indicated below. Please check back soon as new videos and speaker slides are added.

Tutorials from November 17th

  Salon A/B Salon C/D Baden A
9:30 - 12:30 The Accidental DBA
Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts
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Introduction to PostGIS
Daniel Caldwell
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Logical Replication for PostgreSQL
Petr Jelinek
No Video Available
1:30 - 4:30 Out of the Box Replication in Postgres 9.4
Denish Patel
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PostgreSQL Internals Through Pictures
Bruce Momjian
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Real-time Analytics with PostgreSQL
Andres Freund and Marco Slot
Citus Data
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Keynotes & Breakout Sessions from November 18th



Tales from the Trenches


New Features


Hacking Postgres

Data at Scale


  Salon E Salon A/B Salon C/D Baden A
9:00 - 10:00 Keynotes - Videos Available
Umur Cubukcu, Citus Data, "Scaling Out PostgreSQL in the Distributed Era"
Ivan Novick, Pivotal, "PostgreSQL License, Vendor Eco-systems, Cloud Providers, and Future of RDBMS"
Jay Kreps, Confluent, "Apache Kafka: A Commit Log for the Datacenter"
10:20 - 11:15
At The Heart Of A Giant: Postgres At TripAdvisor
Matthew Kelly
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What's New in PostgreSQL 9.5
Magnus Hagander
Redpill Linpro
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PipelineDB: The Streaming SQL Database
Derek Nelson
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Analyzing PostgreSQL Network Traffic with vc-pgsql-sniffer
Baron Schwartz
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...Lag - What's Wrong with My Slave?
Samantha Billington
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UPSERT Use Cases
Peter Geoghegan
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Prestogres: Hacking PostgreSQL Internals to Solve Data Access Problems
Sadayuki Furuhashi
Treasure Data
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Data of Future Past: Postgres as Distributed Online Processing Analytics Engine
Gavin McQuillan
Urban Airship
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1:20 - 2:15
Postgres for MySQL DBAs
Ryan Lowe
John Cesario
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Postgres at the Heart of Your Dataverse
Bruce Momjian
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From Obvious to Ingenious: How to Incrementally Scale Web Applications PostgreSQL
Konstantin Gredeskoul
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Automating PostgreSQL Failover for High Availability
David Pacheco
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2:20 - 3:15
Cloud PostgreSQL Automation Management with Ansible
Kenny Gorman
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How Heroku Postgres Works
Greg Burek
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ToroDB Internals: How to Create a NoSQL Database on Top of SQL
Alvaro Hernandez
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Powering Heap With PostgreSQL And CitusDB
Dan Robinson
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3:40 - 4:35
The PCI-Compliant Database
Christophe Pettus
PostgreSQL Experts
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Enrich Your Data with Geocoordinates from OpenStreetMap or ArcGIS
Andreas Scherbaum
EMC Deutschland
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Sharding and Scaling PostgreSQL with pg_shard
Jason Petersen
Citus Data
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Survival Guide to Terabyte PostgreSQL
Scott Milliken
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4:40 - 5:35
Where's Waldo? - Text Search and Pattern Matching in PostgreSQL
Joseph Conway
Crunchy Data
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PostGIS Gotchas: The Things You Didn't Know That Lead to Confusion and Dismay
Paul Ramsey
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Using the PostgreSQL Extension Ecosystem to Perform Advanced Analytics
AJ Welch
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Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL - What's New and Lessons Learned
Grant McAlister
Amazon Web Services
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